April 2017

We've spent many days on Mount Snowdon, and this trip was one of the greats! Perfect weather, perfect company and laughs all the way through the day.

Walking up the Miners Path to meet the Pyg Track then onto summit, we showed the group some lovely areas


June 2017

We have a soft spot for Cadair Idris, being the unsung hero of Snowdonia with it's breathtaking views and scenery. It was a real pleasure to share it with this amazing group of people

It really is one walk you really do need to experience first hand.


July 2017

For the 3rd year running we took this amazing group for the Welsh 3 Peaks. A wet and misty Snowdon with a scorcher for Cadair Idris and Pen Y Fan

We really did experience a varied weathered trip; rain and mist to scorching heat and t-shirt tans!

Very Straightforward Hike

Pretty much open to anyone, no experience required, generally a long walk but with many breaks so basically a beginners hike for all.

Straightforward Hike

Open to most people who enjoy the outdoors or want to experience a straightforward hike or mountain climb at a comfortable pace with many breaks.

Moderate Hike

Reasonable fitness levels required as typically a longer hike or climb with some breaks, possibly some easy scrambling, maybe winter conditions but generally open to most people.

Challenging Hike

Good level of fitness required, hiking experience preferred but not essential. May include scrambling, some ridges, winter conditions or against the clock.

Very Challenging Hike

Need to have certain experience and good fitness levels to do this. May include ridges, scrambling, up against the clock, etc.

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